The Billoview  1924

Last month, we used some wonderful photos from Bill Lowell who found these pictures of his family's early
days at Higgins and let us share them with you.  We previously showed the tent city folks who pitched in and
lived near the beach in tents and then ultimately built cottages on their lots.  

The photo below show the Billoview cottage which still proudly stands on the corner of Vesper and Bayview.
We are told that there was nothing but dune grass between the cottage and the ocean at the time.  Someday,
maybe we will come across a picture from the same spot where the photographer turned around!


Virginia Hay is now Virginia Leavitt and owns another cottage on Vesper Street.  Shirley Lowell owns
the Billoview cottage at the northeast corner of Vesper and Bayview, and Shirley's brother Bill who was
yet to be born owns a home at the foot of Houghton Street.  True beach tradition!

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