Naked Clubhouse in the 1950's


This photo from a collection of Rodney Laughton's sister, Louise.  The two photos were taken in the mid 1950's before any trees were planted beside the clubhouse and before the Meserve cottage at the corner of Greenwood and Houghton was elevated.

Rodney's family owned the Higgins Beach Inn before acquiring the Breakers Inn.  In the photo, Rodney's brother Norman is seen assembling a table. in the backyard most likely before there was any driveway or parking behind the Inn.  Rodney informed me that his father planted the trees to help down out the noise from the clubhouse during the dances which were held in the clubhouse.

In this photo, Louise Laughton is shown striking a croquet ball in the same back yard.  The Meserve cottage can be seen behind her.


Well, while it may be easy to take photographs, it's not so easy to request that the Inn take down the wedding tent and stop parking behind the Inn in order to allow me to catch the perfect shot!  So, I had to go back later and try again!.

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