East End Beach Overview 1920's


In these rare photos, we see an entirely undeveloped east end of Higgins Beach.  Henry Stanislaus brought the entire east end as one piece and then developed the streets and lots pretty much in the format that we are familiar with today.  The only significant change is that Shipwreck Road was Bayview Avenue Extension and it kept going for nine building lots beyond the intersection at Kent Street.  We have split this very wide photo into three parts as a stitched together image would make it very difficult for you to see the details on specific cottages that you might be interested in.

There is a lot to study in these photos, but as a starting point, the lineup of cottages that you see are original cottages on Vesper street!!  As this series of photos were taken before the extensive use of aerial photography, our best guess is that the photos were taken from a high point across the Spurwink River on the Sprague property.

This is the actual recorded plan for the East Point subdivision.


This photo obviously cannot be created other than by aerial photo (which we may do!)

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