Higgins History

Higgins Beach has changed dramatically over the years, and to capture the spirit of what was then with our photos of what is now, we have enlisted the services of Scarborough and Higgins Beach Historian Rodney Laughton along with other beach owners and visitors who wish to share their photos.  When appropriate, we will then take our camera to the same spot so that you can compare then and now.

This month, we visit  ...

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This Month's Photo

Silver Sands Parking Lot In 1950

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Pearl St 1930's Photos
Blizzard of '78 Photos
Greenwood and Pearl 1930's
Bayview Cottages 1920's
Cliff Street 1950's
The Oceanside Hotel
The Breakers 1940's
 Beach Rakers
 The Ledges 1958
 Vesper Street 1930's
 The Wreck
Ocean Aveneue 1920's

Ashton Street 1940's
The Green Bean
Ocean Ave Crossing
The Pavilion 1930's
Buggy Traffic

Silver Sands 1947
Exercise Time On The Beach
Bayview Cottages ~ 1930
Beach Aerial
10 Houghton St
Beach Croquet
Stone Cottage
Bayview Lineup 1929
Higgins Plot Plan Map
Bayview Sea Wall 1970's
Seawitch Circa 1900
Taxpayer Monument
Hiawartha      ~ 1900
Hot Dog Stand
Clubhouse Party 1950's
Water Supply
Dew-Drop Inn
Log Cutting
Greenwood at Ashton
Sherbrooke Cottage 1910
Cain Cottage ~1900
Bayview Fire 1944
Cottage Row 1912
Turkey Time
55 Bayview Ave ~1950
Kelly Cottage  Pre-WWII
Vesper Street Seawall
Low Tide Beach 1934
Sea View Manor
Upper Bayview 1920's
Sandy Beach in 1936
Early Beach 1910-1918
12 Houghton Street 1953

Travels of the Nugget
Ocean Ave 1906
Bottom of Vesper Early 1950's
Bunch Arrival 1916
White Caps circa 1890
Across Morning Street

24 Vesper St 1926
Fannie & Edith
The Other Wreck
Tent City on Vesper
The Billoview   1924
Beach Bathers 1950's
Wreck Diving ~1929
Higgins Beach 19??
Sea View Avenue
Bayview Ave Date Unknown
Spurwink Bull
Captain Al
Corner of Vesper 1956
Beachfront Cottages 1920's
Dunegrass Pathways 1920
Carrageen Cottage 1918
Vesper St Seawall 1950
Greenwood at Ashton 1947
Life Saver & Ship Ahoy!
Merigold Tea Room
Higgins Water Tower
Curley Cottage
Big-e-Nuf  1945
Missing Lifeboat
Upper Vesper 1930's
28 Ashton Street 1936
Looking From The Inn
The Higgins Beach Grill
32 Bayview For $900
SP Cycle Club
Larkspur 1911
 Ashton Street Viewpoint
Pearl Street View
Bayview Avenue 1930's
13 Houghton 1930's
19 Ocean 1950's
14 Houghton 1912
Upper Ocean 1930's
When Did The Shack Arrive??
Greenwood and Pearl 1920's
Bayview Log Cabin 1940's
43 Bayview Cottage 1950's
Havachat 1939
Silver Sands Parking 1950
The Original Len Libby's
Vesper and Bayview 1920's
Cape View 1927
Higgins Beach Shot 1930s
Higgins History 1917
Jack The Hermit
The Mushroom Cottage
The Conora
13 Morning St 1938
 20 Vesper 1928
The Towers on Ocean
The Other Wreck Reappears
23 Ashton 1933
Bayview Winter 1950's
February on Ashton 1954
Higgins Beach Inn 1923
Oceanside Apartments 1920's
The Ledges Clubhouse 1957
35 Morning St 1948
Cliff Street Pose ~1910
The Pavilion ~1920's
Morning Street 1930's
Damage to The Silver Sands 1979
Snow Job On Pearl 1968

Silver Sands In Winter
Pearl Street In Snow 1956
Bayview 53 in the 1940's
18 Ocean Ave 1941
23 Morning St  1949
43 Bayview 1940's
Lower Ocean Ave in the 1930's
The Breakers Inn  1957
Shipwreck Cottages 1984
Bayview In Snow 1940's
The Leaning Silver Sands 1978
50 Bayview Ave  1960
Early Cliff Street

The Pride Cottage 1960's
5 Shell Street 1939
Oceanside Apartments Garage
Sea Level Changes
22 Bayview 1940's
Lower Vesper St 1940
Stone House Construction
26 Morning St 1880's
Morning St 1880's
Whaling Dory On The Spurwink
Ocean Avenue circa 1900
Al Angell's Original
Fishing Shack  
Higgins Beach Inn 1930's
The Retlaw Cottage 1940's

Surrey With The Fringe On Top
New Pilings on Morning Street
Playing On The Beach
In The 1920's
Naked Clubhouse
In The 1950's
Bayview Avenue
In The Late 1950's
Stetson Cottage 1970
The Silver Sands 1935
Greenwood At Ocean
East Point 1920's
Breakesr From The Beach ~1910
The Old Wreck ~1980
28 Greenwood Ave  2001
Silver Sands 1930's
The Original Higgins Family Farm 1919
The Oceanside Apartments 1933
3 Morning Street
The Pavilion
Houghton Street 1941
River Shack Early 1900's
26 Ocean Avenue 1954
15 Houghton 1943
Pearl Street Ramp 1984
Diving In Style ~1913
The Oceanside Apartment House in 1945
19 Bayview In Snow 1970
 Social Distancing
100 Years Ago
Pearl Street 1930's
Silver Sands 1950
Higgins Fly-In 1920

Who Remembers

 Higgins Beach 20 Years Ago This Month
May 2004